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iHerb Coupon Code And Shipping Costs

iHerb coupon code discount for new customers ended January 3rd 2017.

The Best iHerb Coupon Code 2016?

There is no best iHerb discount code. All iHerb codes will always have the same value and benefits. If someone is claiming some code as best I recommend not to use it.

iHerb International Worldwide Delivery Options And Prices

Free Shipping U.S. orders usually over $20.00 - $40.00

Airmail wich is limited to max. $80 and  max. 4 lbs 
(1814 grams). Usually $4 - $6

DHL Express and UPS usually starting fom $8 depending on weight and country. With tracking.

Airmail delivery time varies a lot from few days to few weeks.
Usually 2-3 weeks. DHL Express and UPS are really fast. Usually 3 -5 days depending on country.

Ususally orders going through DHL Express  and UPS are a lot more scrutinized by customs in your country and subject to more custom duties than Airmail.

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